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Welcome to Oz
(The Land Down Under)

A Webquest about Australia for Grades 2 and 3 


G’Day Mates!  This year in World Cultures, Grades 2 and 3 we will take a walkabout across Oz, which is, what the Aussies call Australia. Oz is largely bush so we will be back of beyond for many days.  Because our walkabout will be via the Internet and books, we will need no bickies, swag, or tucker.  While we are on the wallaby we will hear the drum about the people there.  I assure you this is fair dinkum.  So put on your sandshoes and let’s avago.


Since you will be traveling to Australia, you will need to know some important facts and information about this country.  Your travel agent (your teacher) will provide you with a list of important facts before your departure.  When you arrive you will visit some of Australia's cities and points of interest.  During your travel you will visit museums to learn about the art of the Aborigines. You will visit wildlife parks to learn about the animals. And you will talk to the people there to learn about their language, their music, their beliefs, and their customs.  Along the way you will take notes and keep a Travel Journal so that at the end of your trip you can share your experiences with others.


1. First you will be assigned a traveling mate.

2. Next you will print out an information sheet which you will use to take notes.

3. Then you will begin your journey by clicking on the links below.

4. Of course you will want to take pictures on your trip for your travel journal.  You will do this by right clicking on the picture and saving it to your folder.

5. At the end of your walkabout you will use all your pictures and information in your travel journal to teach all your rellies and cobbers about Australia.


Click here to download and print the Australia Research Sheet

Famous Aussies

Famous Australians


Native Australians

First People

Aboriginal Australia



Places to visit

Natural wonders of Australia

Animals of Australia

Australian Animals

Animal printouts

Tell Me About Australian Animals


Symbols and Dot Art

Bark Art

Rock Art

More Rock Art

Waltzing Matilda


Didgeridoo Gallery

Australian Music

Aussie Slang

Words and Definitions

Words and Phrases

Facts and Maps
Facts about Australia

Fact Sheet

Map of Australia


Time Line

Average temperatures


1. You cooperate with your traveling mate.

2. You record important information and pictures.

3. You include the following information in your travel journal 
*from 5 to 10 important facts about Australia
*a map of Australia
*pictures and facts about Aboriginal people and famous Aussies
*pictures and facts of at least 3 places to visit
*a picture of the flag of Australia
*pictures and facts about bark art, dot art and rock art
*pictures and facts about 3 animals of Australia
*information about music from Australia
*examples and explanations of Strine

4. You have neat work.


I hope you're as happy as Larry about your walkabout across Oz. Be sure to tell all your rellies and cobbers what you have learned while you were on the wallaby.