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African Safari
A web quest for grades 2 and 3 designed by Lillie Large


Today is your lucky day.  You have been chosen for a major assignment by a very important magazine.  You and your fellow classmates will be traveling to Africa (via the Internet) to research and collect information for an important article to be presented on the World Wide Web.  There you will be part of an African Safari which will allow you to find out about the people, animals, land, and art.

During this webquest you and your partner will travel to Africa via the Internet to collect important data. You will use the links below to answer specific questions on your research sheet, and you will "take pictures"  along the way by saving them to your folder.  When your safari is finished you will  create a web page about your safari to teach others about Africa.  

1. First you will be assigned  a partner.
2. Next your travel guide (your teacher) will provide you with important background information about Africa.
3. Then you and your partner will visit the sites below to answer the questions on your research sheet. 
4. Don't forget to "take pictures" along the way for your web page.  You will do this by right clicking on the picture and saving it to your folder.
5. When you return from your Safari you will use the information gathered to create a web page in Microsoft Word.
6. Finally you  will be prepared to present the web page to an audience to teach about Africa.





Research Sheet to Print  

Use for Question 9

Use for Question 12
Biomes and Animals Adinkra Clothoth

Use for Question 10

Kente Cloth

African Wildlife

Gold Weights


Use for Question 11
Henna Hand Designs
Wonders of Africa  Benin Bronze Plaques

Magical Pictures of Egypt

Kenyq Use for Country Report
South Africa Kids Almanac

1. You cooperate with your partner.
2. You answer all the questions on your research sheet if possible.
3. You save pictures to your folder to illustrate your information.
4. You use the information and pictures to create a web page about Africa.
5. You follow the web page guidelines at the end of your research sheet.
6.. You present your web page to an audience to teach them about Africa.

I hope you've enjoyed your trip to Africa. Africa is so large and so interesting you might want use this webquest to take another safari to Africa. Pack your bags and get ready to go!