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        My connection class has been studying about the continent of Africa.  We have learned about the people, animals, art, and places to visit.  On this page I will share what I have learned.

Facts about Africa

List at least 4 important facts about the continent of Africa.






Name of Animal

     In this space tell about an animal that lives in Africa.  Give at least 4 important facts.








Name of Place

     Tell about a famous place to see or visit in Africa.  Be sure to include 4 important facts.





Type of Art

Tell about a type of art that you studied during your study of Africa






Insert a picture of your type of art here.







Insert a map of your country here







Name of African country

In this space tell about one of the 5 countries that we visited on our trip to Africa.  Be sure to include at least 5 important facts.




Insert the flag of your country here.