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The Life of a Frog

A webquest about frogs for 2nd grade.

Created by Lillie Large


Frogs are some of the most unusual and interesting creatures on earth. They live on almost every continent on earth. They seem so common to us that sometimes we overlook their unique qualities and their importance. During this webquest you will have the opportunity to discover the amazing characteristics that make a frog a frog, and you will learn why it is important for us to protect them!  


Your job in this webquest is to work with your partner to become a frog expert.  After printing the worksheets below you will visit the links to learn all about the life and unique characteristics of a frog.  You will then use this knowledge to create a book about frogs.


1. First you will be assigned a partner.

2. Next you will print out the worksheets below.

3. Then you will visit the links to complete the Frog Research Sheet.

4. After that you should scroll down the page and click on the link More Frog Facts and Information.  Then click on What is the difference between a frog and a toad?   Use the information there to help you compare frogs and toads on your Venn Diagram.

4. Finally you and you partner will each create a book that teaches about the life of a frog.

Print out the following worksheets.

Frog Research Sheet

Venn Diagram

Use these links to do your research.

All About Frogs for Kids

How You Will Be Graded

1. You Cooperate with your partner.

2. You use the links to complete the Frog Research Sheet.

3. You use the Frog and Toad link to complete the Venn diagram about frogs and toads.

4. You work with your partner to write a book that teaches about the life of a frog.

5.  You and your partner present the book to the class.


Now that you are a frog expert I'm sure you'll agree that frogs are very cool creatures. Now do you so why they are so important to us?  I hope so!  Please do you part to help protect them.