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Come to this page to check for homework assignments.

boy reading a book

Spelling List for Week of September 12th 

1. boys

2. girls

3. streets

4. lunches

5. dishes

6. boxes

7. rooms

8. lions

9. nights

10. peaches

11. wishes

12. foxes

13. crumbs

14. holidays

15. eyelashes

chalkboard line with school items

Don't forget to read each night and study your spelling words each night even if you don't have written homework!   We have a spelling test every Friday. 



Read 30 minutes. Complete Language worksheet Pp. 7,8.


Read 30 minutes.  Complete Math worksheet Pp. 11, 12.
Wednesday No written homework.  Read for 30 minutes
Thursday Now written homework.  Read for 30 minutes.
Friday Read for 30 minutes.




apple with worm coming in and out

It's important that students develop good habits in the early grades concerning  homework.  Homework should be brought in on the day that it is due.  I realize that there will be an occasional slip-up.  If this happens homework should be brought in the next day. A pattern of "slip-ups" will result in a lower report card grade in the subject/s affected. Students have one week to make up any work assigned during an absence that is excused.