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Second Grade Lesson Plans
Mrs. Large
Sixth Six Weeks

  Themes: This grading period we will study Space, revisit The Environment, and we will begin our last science kit (Balancing and Weighing).  We will spend some time thinking about second grade memories and we will complete a mini unit on ice cream.  The culminating event for this unit and the year will be an ice cream shop in which you, the parents, will be the customers and the students will be the chefs and servers! After all are served awards for the year will be presented.

  Reading/Language Arts:  The following skills will be taught in language arts/reading:

Comprehension:  Realism and fantasy, graphic sources, context clues, multiple-meaning words, plot, making judgment, theme, and setting.

Phonics:  Long e /ie, ey, ie/, consonants gh, ph, lf, plurals –es (changing f to v), prefixes un, dis, re, r-controlled vowels, air, are, ear, and our, consonants dge /j/, ch /k/, sch /sk/,

Writing Skills:  Writing a friendly letter, writing about a movie, play, or TV show, writing a book report, the writing process, commas, paragraphs

  Math:  The following skills will be taught in math:
Continue to practice adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping, beginning multiplication, beginning division, problem solving and review

  Science: In science we will research the different bodies of the solar system and create a class mural. We will work on skills involving balancing and weighing. We will perform simple experiments with balance, Use an equal-arm balance to compare and weigh, Predict serial order for the weights of objects, Apply strategies for comparing and weighing to solve problems, Record results on record sheets, bar graphs, data tables, etc.  We will also spend time learning about how to care for the earth. We will also be tracking the monarch butterfly on its way back from Mexico.

  Social Studies:  Our primary study in social studies will be the study of ice cream and its history and second grade memories. We will also focus on geography as be find our tulip pals and track the monarch.