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A Visit to the Past

A Webquest about Community Changes from Colonial Times to the Present
for second grade


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live long ago in colonial times?  What would it be like to live without electricity - no TV, no video games, no computer? What kind of chores would you have?  What would you wear?  What would your school be like?  During this webquest you will find the answers to these questions and many more by traveling back to colonial times.  


Your job on this trip to the past will be to experience life as a colonial child and research important facts about different aspects of colonial life. You will be placed in a small group, and you will work with a partner to use the Internet resources below to help you with your research.  You may also use books and encyclopedias to help with your research.  When you have completed your research you will work with your group to complete a slideshow, newsletter, or website that teaches others about colonial life and compares it to life today.  You and your group will present your project to the class.  


1. First your teacher will put you in a group of 4 students and assign a partner for you to work with.

2. Next you will meet with your group to decide which 2 of the following aspects of colonial life each group member will research: homes, food, clothing, jobs and tools, school, transportation, family life, and entertainment.

3. You will print out your research form.

4. Then you will work with your partner to visit the links below to research and record important information about the 2 aspects of colonial life that you have chosen 

5. When your group has finished its research you will work together to create a slideshow, newsletter, or website to share  what you've learned about colonial life and compare it to life today.

6..Last of all you will present your project to the class.


Click here to print your Research Sheet.


Colonial Kids Clothing

Plymouth Colony Clothiing


Pilgrims Houses

Colonial Kids Houses



Pilgrims Food

Colonial Food

Colonial Kids Food


Colonial Kids School

Learning Tools

More Learning Tools






Colonial Kids On the Move




When We Grow Up

Colonial Jobs



Colonial Game Book

Leisure Times


1. You cooperate with your partner and group members.

2. You answer as many questions as you can about your assigned subjects.

3. You work with your group to create a neat, well-organized project that teaches teaches about colonial life and compares it to life today.

4. You help your group present your project to the class.

5. You write a narrative from the viewpoint of a colonial child about your daily life.


How was your trip to the past? Are you glad that you live today or would you enjoy life in colonial time? Either way you've learned a lot about the changes that have occurred since our country's beginning and today.