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A Space Webquest for Grades 2&3
Designed by Lillie Large

Saturn with twinkling stars


Have you ever wondered what it's like in space? Have you ever dreamed of space travel or what it would be like to be an astronaut? Even though we can't blast off for real in the space shuttle, we can take a tour via the internet. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for lift off.


During this webquest you and your partner will visit the links listed below to tour the solar system and answer questions on your Space worksheet. Then you will become an expert on one planet and one space term that have been assigned to you and your partner. When you are finished gathering facts you and your partner will write and illustrate a short report about your planet and your space term. You will then add them to our class space mural.
rocket taking off from planet earth

1. First your teacher will assign you a partner.
2. Then you will click on the link SPACE WORKSHEET and print one copy.
3. Then you will click on the links below to answer questions and find information about your planet and space term. The SPACE WORKSHEET will tell you which links to use.
4. After you have finished your worksheet click on the link Solar System Trading Cards. Play this game to see how much you've learned.
5. Then you may visit any of the other 3 sites again to play some space games.
6. When you have finished at the computer you and your partner will work together to write a short report about your planet and your space term. You will also illustrate them. The illustration and report will be part of our class space mural.


Use These Links

Download and print SPACE WORKSHEET

Star Child


Zoom Astronomy

Solar System Trading Cards


1. You cooperate with your partner.
2. You answer the questions correctly.
3. You find all the facts about your planet and space term and at least 2 more interesting
4. You play Solar System Trading Cards and at least 1 more game.
5. You write a short report about your planet and space term in your best hand writing.
6. You illustrate both reports for the class mural.
7. You help make the class mural by adding your illustration and report in an appropriate place or order.

Now you have visited space! You have learned about our solar system and beyond. I hope you have had some fun while traveling. And maybe one day you will take a REAL trip into space. Who knows what the future may bring?


You will need Acrobat Reader for the Space Worksheet.