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Mrs. Large's Second Grade WebQuest Page

Use the Star Child link for these questions

1. List the 4 inner planets.

___________________________, ___________________________

___________________________, ___________________________

2. List the 5 outer planets.

___________________________, ___________________________

___________________________, ___________________________


3. Mercury is about the size of Earth's_________________.

4. Why are Earth and Venus known as the twin planets?


5. Seventy percent of the Earth's surface is covered by


6. Some of the meteorites on Earth are acutally pieces of the planet _________________.

7.The ____________ in the dirt on Mars gives Mars its red color.

8._________________ is the largest planet.

9.Scientists believe that the great red spot on Jupiter is a large ______________________.

10.Saturn has over ___________ rings.

11.__________________ is the only planet that rotates on its

12.Neptune is very much like the planet ___________________.

13.Pluto is usually the farthest planet from the sun. What
planet sometimes is farther away than Pluto?_______________

14.A comet is made up of ____________, ______________, and


15.An asteroid is a bit of __________________.

16.The asteroid belt is between the orbits of what 2
planets? ________________ and ___________________

17.Describe the differences between:

a meteroid________________________________________________

a meteor__________________________________________________

a meteorite_______________________________________________

18.What is our closest star?______________________________

19.What are sunspots?_____________________________________

20.Why can't people live on the moon?


Now you will become an expert on your assigned planet.
Use the links SpaceKids and Zoom Astronomy for this.

Planet's name ________________________

Order from sun __________________________________________


Distance from sun________________________________________

Number of moons__________________________________________

Daytime temperature______________________________________

Nightime temperature_____________________________________

Time it takes to rotate__________________________________

Time it takes to orbit the sun___________________________

Special nickname_________________________________________

Special facts or characteristics_________________________




List special facts about your assigned space term here.
You may use any of the first 3 sites to look for facts.

My assigned space term is________________________________.


Special or interesting facts about my space term