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Jobs and Tools and Transportation

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     Did you know it took 100 to 400 hours to make a gun? Most of the metal stuff was made by  a Blacksmith. A Chandler made candles. Gunsmiths made and fixed guns. A Cobbler made and fixed shoes.


They had guns like these




They used sleds in snowy weather. Wagons were fast transportation. People mostly walked. Boat where good transportation



We have board games they did to. We play some games they do.
We have some board games they had.
We ride horses and they did also.
We have schools and they d0 too.
They have a waistcoat. 
We grow and harvest some food. 
We have houses they have houses.



We played some games they did also. But they couldn't play gamecube. 
We donít have a waistcoat.
To day we have PS2s they couldnít have PS2s because they didnít have electricity. Housetops were made of straw and vines. We have electricity to cook with. They donít have electricity to cook with.