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by Joey, Spencer, Doug and Allie

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     We visited the past. Not by a time machine! We looked it up on the internet. Our teacher split us into groups. We hope you like our website!


They lit the room with a fire. They learned from a hornbook. A hornbook was a wooden paddle that had the ABCs and Bible verses on it. Schools were in homes. Homes were made of logs. Schools only had one room. Sometimes they had to sit on an uncomfortable table.


     They loved to play. Here are some games they liked to play. They played hopscotch. They played tag. They played marbles. They played checkers. They played stickball. Thatís a game like baseball.


     Here are some clothes that men wore. Men wore a felt hat, ruff ,doublet, cuffs, breeches, garters, stockings and shoes. The women wore a coif, shift, waistcoat, apron, petticoat and shoes. All children wore gowns until they were 7 years old.