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Mrs. Large's Second Grade WebQuest Page

Yellow butterflies

A WebQuest for Second Grade Science

Designed by Lillie Large


Butterflies are very beautiful creatures. They make our earth a happier place to live, but there is more to a butterfly than meets the eye. Just what kind of creature is a butterfly? Where do they live? How are they born? During this webquest you will visit sites to find out the answer to these questions and many more.


During this webquest you will search the sites below to learn about the life and behaviors of a butterfly. When you are finished you will use the information that you have found to write and illustrate a report about butterflies.

Flying Monarch


1. First, a partner will be assigned to work with you.

2. Next, click on the DIRECTIONS link to download and print the directions.

3. Read the directions carefully. They will guide you through the sites and tell you what to look for.

4. You will click on the links below to visit sites about butterflies and answer questions and take notes to learn more about the life and behaviors of butterflies.

5. You will play games on line to test your knowledge, and you will print out a butterfly to color.

6. Last, you will use your notes to write a 3 paragraph report and color your butterfly to share what you have learned. The directions will tell you what to include in each paragraph.


Download and print the DIRECTIONS

Zoom Butterfly

Children's Butterfly Site

Kid Stuff


1. You cooperate with your partner.
2. Your questions are answered correctly.
3. The first paragraph of your report tells what kind of animal a butterfly is and describes the butterfly's body.
4. The second paragraph of your report explains metamorphosis and describes the stages of a butterfly's life.
5. The third paragraph of your report tells at least 3 more interesting facts about butterflies.
6. Your report is written neatly, and your butterfly is colored neatly and attached to your report.


Great job! Now when you see a beautiful butterfly you will know what it's been through to bring you this beauty.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader for the Directions.