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A Webquest About Chocolate
for Second Grade
designed by Lillie Large

Box of Valentine candy

Are you a chocolate lover? Even if you aren't chances are that you have given someone that you love chocolate as a gift. Why do we consider chocolate so special? Where does it come from and how is it made? During this webquest you will learn about the wonders of chocolate along with some mouth watering facts.

You will visit the sites listed below to answer specific questions about the history of chocolate, its ingredients and how it is made. When you have completed the questions you will play some games and take some quizzes to test your knowledge. Then you and your partner will use the information you've collected to create a Kid Pix slide show about chocolate to present to the class.

1. First you will be assigned a partner.
2. Then, you and your partner will write the questions below on your paper.
3. A link is provided to find the answer for each question. Click on the link and look for the answers.
4. Write the answers on your paper.
5. Use the games and quiz links to test your knowledge.
6. Use your chocolate facts to create a Kid Pix Slide Show with your partner to present what you have learned.

1. What is the main ingredient of chocolate? In what areas is this ingredient grown?

Main Ingredient

2. Name the two Indian Tribes that were the earliest recorded users of chocolate as a food.

Indian Tribes

3. Who was the first European to come in contact with the cocao bean?

First European

4. Who invented milk chocolate and what country was he from?
5. When was the first chocolate company established in America? Where was it located? Who was the founder?

Great Chocolate Moments

6. How many steps does Hersheys use to make chocolate?
7. What do they do first?
8. What is a nib?
9. What comes from the chocolate liquor when it is pressed?

Great American Chocolate Story

10. Where did the idea for M&M's come from? Who's idea was it?


11. Click on the link Kidztown to play some fun games and learn some neat things about Hersheys candy.


12. Play some games and test your knowledge of chocolate at this site.


13. Vote for your favorite chocolate candy.


1. You cooperate with your partner.
2. You visit the websites to answer the questions.
3. You record the answers on your paper.
4. You use your information and work with your partner to create a Kid Pix slide show about chocolate.
5. You present it to the class.

I hope you've had a mouth watering experience during this webquest. Now that you are finished ask your teacher for a chocolate kiss!